CBB offers you high quality materials for all your projects. Whether you’re in any of the following industries, we have the right material for any application: POWER GENERATIONS, MOTORS & GENERATORS, NUCLEAR, MINING, OIL & GAS, MARINE, STEEL, & PULP & PAPER. Contact us with any questions or special requests.

Bearing Pressure/Sliding Speed Comparison

Application Ranges

Choosing the correct material for the application:

  • Babbitt for long life and ability to handle misalignment
  • Zincaloy™ for low cost “green” sleeve & thin walled bearings
  • PTFE for high reliability & performance thrust bearings
  • Lignum-Vitae for water lubricated scenarios

Canadian Babbitt Bearings Materials

Canadian Babbitt Bearings offers all the correct materials for your babbitt applications

If you require any technical assistance for babbitt sizes or materials, please

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Canadian Babbitt Bearings announced its recent acquisition of Bearing Bronze Limited

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